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Roka Bar introduces a theme inspired by traditional Japanese festivals, beginning October 27


Bartender Alex Riddle prepares a flight for the cocktail omakase at Roka Bar

 Roka Bar at Roka Akor (801 Montgomery Street) announces the second theme of its “cocktail omakase”, a Japanese term meaning “I’ll leave it up to you”. Priced at $55 per person, the next cocktail omakase, launching on Thursday, October 27, at 7:30 p.m., will be based on traditional Japanese festivals: Sakura Festival; the Great Japan Beer Festival; the Yamayaki Festival; the Yuki Matsuri; and the Kanto Matsuri.

Roka Bar’s lead bartender Alex Riddle says the inspiration for the new theme was conceived by a collaboration of staff bartenders, bar-backs, and cocktailers.

“Everybody brought two ideas for a new theme, and then voted for their favorites,” says Riddle. “The Japanese festivals offered the greatest inspiration for our creativity and also tied in best to Roka Akor’s identity in serving and paying homage to Japanese cuisine.”

A sample cocktail from the new omakase experience honors the Yuki Matsuri (“Snow Festival”) that incorporates lemon and basil Japanese shaved ice, a gin-based sorbet, and heirloom melon infused shochu. Riddle also added a beer cocktail to the omakase to represent the Great Japan Beer Festival, which attracts thousands of beer enthusiasts to enjoy a day of drinking beer.

“We drew inspiration from the Great Japan Beer Festival by achieving the essence of what it feels like to drink beer (the bitterness, the hops) without actually drinking beer,” says Riddle. “We even created Japanese IPA foam to add a beer-like texture so it looks like a beer.”

Additionally, Roka Bar introduces omakase food pairings for the limited seating experience for $55 per person. Guests can now enjoy Roka Akor’s signature menu items such as the Chef’s Selection Nigiri; Grilled Sweet Corn with soy garlic butter and shichimi peppers; and Wagyu Beef Filet with chili ginger and spring onions to complement the distinctive flavors of the cocktails.

Each omakase will feature five to seven alcoholic drinks varying in size with a Chinese style tea service served halfway through the tasting. The cocktail omakase is priced at $55 per person and the food pairing is priced at $55 per person, not including taxes and gratuity.

Roka Bar’s 90-minute cocktail omakase is available Thursday through Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. Reservations are limited to five seats per evening and can be made through There is no limit to the number of tickets each guest can purchase per night, and guests will be seated in a designated section at the bar counter. Guests will be charged at the time of booking and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

For more information, call 415.767.0773 or visit