June 19, 2019

Japanese Whisky Fest

by Jan

Join us for an afternoon of Hors d’oeuvres and Japanese Whisky as we feature tastings filled with subtleties and nuances all their own, such as Ohishi, Kurayoshi, Shinobu, and Fukano.

May 7, 2019

Omakase and VIP Concert Tickets – Scottsdale

by Jan

Dine at Roka Akor for an incredible Omakase Dinner and receive complimentary VIP tickets to a concert of your choice!* We have once again partnered with Live Nation to provide our guests with a fantastic evening out, including dinner at Roka Akor and a concert…

January 29, 2019

How to Spot An Authentic Japanese Restaurant

by April

The word “authentic” gets tossed about a lot in the dining industry, especially when it comes to Japanese cuisine. In fact, Japanese restaurants are everywhere in the United States. with one survey finding that there are around 9,000 Japanese restaurants across the nation. Anyone can head…