The new theme inspired by Meibutsu is paired with robatayaki dishes

Roka Bar at Roka Akor (801 Montgomery Street) introduces the third theme of its bespoke cocktail omakase experience. Priced at $55 per person, Roka Bar’s new cocktail omakase is influenced by “Meibutsu,” a Japanese term meaning, “local specialties.” Meibutsu most commonly correlates to cuisine notoriously associated with a particular region of Japan.

Since its inception, the cocktail omakase is a 90-minute experience with a dinner-and-a-show feel. With only five reservations per night, the experience is conversational, inviting guests to engage with a lead bartender as the audience is educated on the ingredients and cultural elements behind each course. From Thursday through Saturday evenings, guests will indulge in five to seven alcoholic drinks varying in size with a Chinese style tea service served halfway through the tasting.

Transitioning from the previous theme of “traditional Japanese festivals,” Roka Bar proves to pay homage to Japanese culture by way of the cocktail omakase experience. Each theme honors Japanese culture in a unique light with a new theme introduced on a three-month basis.

A savory cocktail, titled “Hokkaido Prefecture” honors uni, also known as sea urchin. Hokkaido is a famous region in Japan where Roka Akor sources its uni. Created by lead bartender Alex Riddle, the cocktail combines buckwheat shochu, sake, gin, citric acid, squid ink, white truffle oil, among other ingredients, as well as a side of uni ice cream. On the sweet side, another cocktail pays tribute to Yatsuhashi, a dessert traditionally consisting of rice flower, sugar, and cinnamon that is rolled into dough and wrapped around red bean paste. Roka Bar’s playful interpretation of Yatsuhashi incorporates similar ingredients. along with nigori sake ice cream and shochu red bean foam.

Additionally, Roka Bar offers robatayaki food pairings for $55 per person.

Reservations are limited to five seats per evening and can be made through The cocktail omakase is priced at $55 per person and the food pairing is priced at $55 per person, not including taxes and gratuity. There is no limit to the number of tickets each guest can purchase per night, and guests will be seated in a designated section at the bar counter. Guests will be charged at the time of booking and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

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About Roka Akor

Roka Akor brings an unparalleled combination of thoughtful design and contemporary Robata Japanese cuisine to four locations across the U.S., including Scottsdale, AZ, San Francisco, and Chicago and Skokie, IL. The restaurant’s name is derived from two words: RO and KA. The meaning of the first word is hearth, a gathering place where people socialize and take in the ambience; the latter stands for a burning fire and projecting energy. Managed by JNK Concepts, Roka Akor’s menu changes seasonally, including a rotating selection of prime-cut steaks, seafood, and vegetables with Japanese-inspired marinades and sauces, along with sushi and sashimi. The restaurant’s design features a centrally located robata grill that provides the heart of the visual experience, surrounded by rich wood décor and sleek lighting.

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