Annual Sake Week – Roka Akor | Chicago


March 6th – March 10th | 2017

Join us as we celebrate the beautiful range and versatility of our premium chilled sakes featured in a specially priced flight provided by our sponsor, Tenzing Wine & Spirits


Snow Flake | Dewa No Yuki
Junmai Kimoto | Yamagata Prefecture
Dry and savory with aromas of mushroom and steamed rice

Demon Slayer |Wakatake
Onikoroshi Junmai | Daiginjo
Bright and clean with cantaloupe and honeydew

Drunken Snapper | Narutotai
Ginjo – Nama Genshu | Tokushima Prefecture
Bold and flavorful with aromas of cocoa

*Tasting is intended for one per person.  Must be 21+